Bingley Five Rises Locks

Today the weather was awful, but I decided to go out anyway. I said I would take my father to the five rises locks in Bingley, but we didn’t know if it would be suitable for an electric buggy. So I decided to go alone first to check it out.

The locks are part of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Built in 1774 the locks are wider, steeper and deeper than any other in the UK. They are a feat of engineering and are one of the seven wonders of the waterways. I have a feeling I might visit the other 6 at some point.

This day was rainy and very windy. Though cold, there was a plus…a constant rainbow.

The path was rough, but it would be accessible for a good buggy. It would be a bumpy ride, but doable. The worst part being the access path from Canal Road.

But it would be worth it. The area is a haven for wildlife. On the day I went I saw a kingfisher, a long-tailed tit, and deer.

But of course, the main attractions are the locks and the canal boats. There are 5 locks at the top and 3 further down the path.

But be careful, there are many dog walkers. Luckily most abide by the rules and all I saw were friendly.

And keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife to.

And finally, here is an aerial view I found online.


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