Pontefract Castle

Today was a lovely sunny winter’s day and I just have a couple of days left of my holiday. So what better than a trip to a local castle and even better, one I have never been to before.

Why have I never been to this castle? I live 20 minutes away, no excuses. But that is all rectified now. Hello Pontefract Castle.

The car park was completely free and was empty when I arrive, full when I left. I have a feeling this is one of those places locals say, “Do you know, it’s nice out, let’s go to the castle for a wander.” And then the small car park gets full up. There are plenty of alternative parking choices nearby so not to worry.

The walk up to the castle is a touch steep, but it s lovely and cobbled with a cracking wall to study along the way. Golly, my writing has turned proper Yorkshire in the months I have been back in the UK.

Anyway look at this cracking wall.

At the top is a cracking house too. What about this for a front door? With three lions as well.

There is a plaque on this building with details of its history.

In fact there are plaques all around the castle with information about its history and guide books can be found in the castle shop.

I would write about the history of the castle, but then I found this fantastic blog which I recommend reading before you visit. It has everything you might wish to know and I can’t really add to it. And even if you don’t read it, then there are guided tours and handy little wind up history stations.

You can’t really see the castle in its full glory, it is a ruin after all. But it is a super place to sit and chill with friends or play with your children in the play area.

And if the castle isn’t enough then there is a lovely little church at the bottom of the hill.

And that is it, job done. I don’t like to add a lot of text, but add links if you want to read more. That way the choice is yours. Some people like reading long blogs others don’t. I do not. I prefer to go and wander and read the links while I am there.

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