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Bolsover Castle

The UK continues to have a very blustery start to 2020. I went to this castle during a break in the weather and on a day I didn’t have anything else to do. I have family in Derby and on the journey there I always noticed signs for Bolsover Castle. Every time we passed the signs I would ask…have you been there? The answer was always no. So, seeing as I had nothing to do, no funds, and an English Heritage membership, I decided to go. Free for me.

Getting there was very easy, but the carpark was full and flooded, even on a work day. I would not like to visit on a sunny weekend. In retrospect, I think the entry price on the day I went was quite high. I am glad I got to go as part of the membership. If there had been a horse demonstration or event then I think it is reasonable considering the parking is free. But on the day I went there was nothing happening within the grounds.

The castle itself is gorgeous and you can wander almost every part of it. There is an audio tour, but I chose not to listen to that this time. The castle is fairly close to me so I will visit again.

The first place I explored was the riding house, as I stated there were no horses on the day I visited, hence the reason I will go back. It seems you have to book in advance.

Then I wandered around the outside and the walls. You could see all the way to the snow on top of the Peak District and the closer New Bolsover Model Village.

Then I wandered the inside. Just to note there are no lifts, it is a castle after all. The stairs are not steep, but there are lots of them.

There are lots of rooms to explore, each is sparse, but there is something to see in in each. I like the little things, such as the way the floor in the kitchen has been worn away by water. Things like that help you imagine a room full of cooks, fire, and steam

Next I wandered the grounds, garden, and wall. The garden is quite small but there are nooks and a liaison room. Again, these help you imagine life in medieval times.

I enjoyed the day out here, it wasn’t busy and there was lots to explore. The staff were very friendly, asking where I was from and why I had decide to visit. They said most people do what I did and one day just decided to go after seeing the signs on the way to somewhere else. Which is a shame as it deserves to be a place you visit all for itself. Go along and find out the interesting history of the place, you might even see a ghost.