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Goodrich Castle

Last weekend I went to two castles…TWO!! I was a bit excited. To be honest I could have gone to more as I was in Wales and there are sh** loads there. Actually saying that, the first one I went to was in England. I blame my Welsh friend, she had never been to this one so to be nice we visited this one first.

This was the first time I used the English Heritage membership I had just purchased. With the cost of the parking and the entrance it was basically equivalent to two month of payments, so winning.

Even though this castle is in England it appears on this Welsh Castle Website as it is located just over the border. That link will lead you to a world of information, which I don’t care to repeat. If that isn’t enough for you then visit this website.

For me the best parts of this castle were the stained glass window and the scary staircase.

This window was in part designed by local children.

And the staircase….

All in all it was a lovely day out with super company. I don’t think I would go here on a wet or icy day due to the scary steps being the best part for me.

That tree is pretty awesome too, I bet it would look lovely in summer.

I am sure there could be loads more things I could have mentioned but I was too busy chatting with my friend and showing her how to use a Box Brownie.