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Safety First

I went for a ride this weekend, I ended up going 72km. Fortunately…because right at the beginning of the ride a car pulled out of a side street directly in my path. It happens more than it should. The annoying thing is the woman in the car definitely saw me. She looked right at me, hesitated, then pulled forward. She probably thought, “It’s just a bicycle, it can’t be going fast…I am a car, quicker, bigger, I must have the right of way.”

Luckily I have been riding motorbikes and bicycles for over 25 years and I saw her. I could see what she was going to do and slowed down from 30km an hour to 20km…twenty is plenty. So when she did pull out I had JUST enough time to stop.. JUST.

The thing is…if she had kept going I might have managed to swerve around the back, but no, as most people would she just stopped and blocked my exit route.

Did I get angry and shout? Scream obscenities? no, absolutely not. I decided if I did that then she would just think of the gaijin who was rude to her not what she did. She nodded and drove away, maybe not to think of it again. Hopefully she will remember the foreigner she might have killed and to think a bit more next time she sees a bike coming her way.

And to prove it, here is a video of the incident.