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Rinrin and Cherry Blossoms

I haven’t been riding as much as I would like recently. Mainly due to weather, health and new hobbies. But despite a sore throat that later turned into tonsillitis I got in my rental car and drove to one end of the Rinrin.


I have written about this road before. If you live in Japan or visit at this time of the year and like cycling then this ride is a MUST.

Why? well look at the photos and see. The road is lined with cherry and plum trees so there are blossoms galore.

At some points it was like riding through snow and unlike Tokyo it is not so busy.

As it was a little windy going out I only went as far as the castle ruins then turned back. You can see by my speeds that the wind made it an easier return. There were a few people taking advantage of the recent, rare blue sky. I even saw a film crew shooting an advertisement..or TV Show, not sure.

Here is my route and stats.



Cherry Blossom Bike Ride

After it finally stopped raining I decided to go on a ride. I haven’t been on a 30km+ ride for a while and I think my bum is starting to forget how to sit on a bike. Right now Ibaraki is at the tail end of the cherry blossom season, days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming and the insects are out. I mean really out, when you ride along a river remember to keep your mouth shut.

Here is the route I took today. Along the Kokaigawa river. I have done this route before and wrote about it, but this season is stunning. The whole west side of the river has a small road. It has the occasional car to deal with and they can get it bit close. Keep your eyes open and you will be fine. I decided to come back a different way as you can see by the route. The east side is fine, but I kind of wish I had come back the way I had gone.

IMG_0835 IMG_0837

Once you get to the building shaped like a large insect you will start to see loads of cherry blossoms. At this point you have to look out for foot traffic. All the way along the route you can see the yellow blooms of rapeseed.


You can also get great views of Mount Tsukuba. I was so happy to get out and see the beautiful scenery I stopped and lay down in the fallen sakura, hence the full on picture for a change.

IMG_1607 IMG_1611

Just around the bend from the cherry trees is this amazing view. I almost fell of my bike.


If you are anywhere near Mount Tsukuba and are tired of the RinRin, this a great alternative route.