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Cholera Momument grounds Sheffield

I visited this place today. I thought I would mention it as it is part of the ‘green link‘, which is a cycle way in Sheffield. I hadn’t intended to go to the park and once there I was intrigued by the history of the place. You can read an in-depth history here. Basically around 1832 there was an outbreak of cholera in England, and it reached Sheffield by the middle of the year. There were over 400 deaths and those bodies had to go somewhere, there weren’t enough spaces in local churches. This space was used as a burial ground and a monument erected a couple of years later.

Today it is a nice peaceful park over looking Sheffield. It has great views of the skyline and is a good walk. I suspect it would be a hard cycle for me though.

If you do visit Sheffield try going out of the back of the station rather than the front. I didn’t even know this area existed and it is very interesting to wander around.