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Ushiku Nature Sanctuary

I looked on the map and this place looked like a nice distance to cycle..and good job because when I got there I found there was no cycling allowed. NO CYCLING ALLOWED. The cheek. Anyway, good job I cycled there otherwise this would be a drive and walk blog.

Here a map of where Ushiku Nature Sanctuary can be found.

Of course this place has a car park and a toilet block. It also has a visitors center and a classroom.

Cycling to the “sanctuary” led me through lots of typical Ibaraki villages..lots of grass fields! and then this one.

2014-08-31 08.54.52

I am not sure if the farmer would be pleased or not. The grass fields around here are meant for golf or lawns, yet this one is covered in cheeky little lilies. Each stalk has just one flower poking up, spoiling the lawn, poor farmer. Though it did look pretty.

2014-08-31 08.55.08

My trek bike matched the colour of the lilies. You don’t want to clash with the lilies.

Anyway when I finally arrived at the the sanctuary I found that bikes, cigarettes, and dogs were banned. I got off my bike, put my cig out..and shot the dog…kidding, I must be tired…I got off the bike and went for a trundle.

2014-08-31 09.44.21 2014-08-31 09.47.38 2014-08-31 09.52.15

This place would be great for kids interested in nature, especially if you have someone who reads Japanese. There are an abundance of signs detailing the flora and fauna. AND you can catch stuff in nets!

2014-08-31 09.52.50 2014-08-31 09.53.16

Plus there is a TOWER of jenga!!!! So tempted to take one from the bottom, seriously how long did those take to build? I think the people in the visitors center had a jenga party and everyone won.

2014-08-31 09.55.44 2014-08-31 10.01.50

I didn’t see many people around at first, but thankfully the paths are really well marked out so no getting lost this time.

2014-08-31 10.02.38

Then I came across a couple of hides. Though I think the visitor center people are better at jenga than these people are at hide and seek.

2014-08-31 10.08.12

The area is quite dense in vegetation, though surprisingly very few mosquitoes bothered me. The noise of cicadas was a bit loud though.

2014-08-31 10.08.28 2014-08-31 10.15.49 2014-08-31 10.16.07 2014-08-31 10.16.33

At the back of the sanctuary was a real sanctuary of the shrine kind.

2014-08-31 10.41.03 2014-08-31 10.41.12 2014-08-31 10.41.39 2014-08-31 10.42.59

And happily for me I saw some familiar statues. Hello Daikoku!

2014-08-31 10.45.21 2014-08-31 10.56.48 2014-08-31 10.56.54 2014-08-31 11.00.17

All this belongs to me!!!  As you can see I had a lovely day. And just because I can…here is a video of the actual ride there. Sorry about the rain drops on the screen at the end…if you get that far..but it was raining.