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Cardiff Castle

This was the second castle I visited last weekend. It was amazing and disappointing all at once.

The castle itself was terrific. From the outside and the animal wall to all the amazing rooms inside the house. But what was disappointing was the information on the app and posted inside. Basically I felt there was a push towards buying the official book because that was the only place you could find any detailed information. We even saw some tour guides as we wandered around and they didn’t seem to be imparting much information or showing much enthusiasm unless they were in costume.

In the end I was really lucky to be accompanied by a Welsh friend who loves history and made connections for me. Though she did try to fool me with made up stories too and I had to try and figure out the real ones …fun…not.

There were also unexpected things at the castle, such as the shelter corridors.

While walking through them Churchill can be heard announcing the beginning of WWII, it is quite moving. Later we went to the museum that honors the history of the Welsh Soldier. There was a display of Victoria Crosses given out at Rorke’s Drift. As Zulu was alway a favourite film from my childhood, I was quite moved by that too.

Another part of the castle that was a surprise to see and where little information could be found was the Charioteer Roman street scene.

We were quite lucky to see it as it was only reopened a few months ago. The only information I could find was on the Cardiff Castle Facebook page which states…

Hidden from view beneath the Castle’s south-east corner since 2006, this intricately detailed 3D mural depicts the encounter between the local Silures tribe and the invading Roman army in the 1st century AD. Originally completed in 1983 by local artist, Mr Frank Abraham it is once again open to the public after restoration work by a team from Cadw.

So, a small museum, but well worth a visit. For any more information I would recommend buying the official Castle guide and perusing it before going. Though at £30 you might not want to. Here are some more photos from my visit.

The animal wall outside was still one of my favourite parts if the castle. You can read all about the history of the wall here.

So another lovely day, I can’t wait to return to Wales…the North and Harlech!!

Oh and while you are at the castle visit these shops very close by for tasty, sweet snacks. Both of these shops opposite the castle sell delicious wares. Take your pick Fabulous Welshcakes or Nata&Co ‘s Pastel De Nata.